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Sounds that heal the Soul


Can music cure your soul?


I was born near a little river. Just like the river of my life. It always led me further – however there were obstacles in my way. Insurmountable obstacles. In brief: I did not have an easy childhood.


But I’m sure: Bach saved my life. My mother had an astonishing collection of gramophone records with classical and baroque music in which Bach figured prominently.


Already at the age of eight or nine, I was faszinated by this music. Especially when I felt poorly. The music room was my kingdom. I dove into another world.


My normal world appeared confused to me. It loaded unsolvable problems on to me. With the music of Bach each problem seemed to be easy. The baroque sound carried me to a world full of light. A bright world; pure, good, transfigured. In this world nothing was impassable enough, not to find a harmonious solution. I was always comforted by the certitude: There is still the music of Bach – even if the echo faded out long ago.


Later, when I played Bach, I could supply myself with life energy that he had created - and as often as I wanted.


A few years ago when my own music began to flow. I sensed a completely new rising in my heart. Like the little river of my childhood that healing source carried me over all cliffs since then. Peacefully, beneficial, salutary. From here on it was only a small step, to pass on what I received.




















Music in the Park

My first project about this theme started in summer 2012. I played pretty regularly on Tuesday afternoon in the Holzhausenpark Frankfurt and on Sunday afternoon in the Grüneburgpark; sometimes in other parks as well.

The impressions of nature, of light and colours flowed together into the sounds. They created a soothingly free, but also mysterious shimmering atmosphere.


Many passers-by heard the improvised piano sounds. They came and often stayed the wohle time, to listen to the music.

On some Sundays at nightfall a summer serenade - by candlelight or torchlight - was performed in the Holzhausenpark.

As soon as temperatures allow it, I will take up this project again.


I would like to try to offer an SMS service. Anyone who is interested gets a message just before the music in the park starts.

Of course it depends on the weather - and the impulse of inspiration.

Anyone who sends me an E-Mail with his cell phone number, gets an SMS message before the next music in the park.




















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Healing Music